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How to find User exit for a t code in 5 easy steps

5.0 24 How to find User exit for a t-code in 5 easy steps Whether you work in an implementation or support project, you must carry knowledge about user exits. User exits allow us to add our own functionality to an SAP standard program without modifying it. We can do enhancements in SAP standard transactions by using a User Exit. For ex: In a maintenance notification you want to make malfunction end date and time…

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How to prepare a functional specification document

5.0 02 How to prepare a functional specification document? In this post I am sharing tips to prepare a Good Functional Specification: Here are the tips: Use a Template: Always a use a template to prepare a Functional Specifications. Template should have all the required fields like Purpose, name of program (if there is any modification in existing program), T code (if applicable). Name of functional consultant, technical consultant etc. Template makes the functional specification…

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