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Characteristics in SAP PM

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 998 Total views Characteristics in SAP PM   A characteristic in SAP is a cross module application. It is used in PM, MM, PP, SD, QM etc modules. Here we will discuss application of Characteristics in SAP PM.   Business Application: Characteristics are used to represent the specifications of a technical…

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Class in SAP PM

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 1,080 Total views Application of Class in SAP PM. It is frequently asked in SAP PM Interview questions and answers. Class in SAP PM   Definition and Explanation: Class in SAP PM to capture specifications of technical objects. For ex: There are thousands of motors in plant area, every motor has…

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Functional Location in SAP PM

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 1,039 Total views Functional Location in SAP PM I am writing this blog post to explain all important fields in functional location in sap pm screen. I have also given consulting tips and examples to help readers to understand the concept and prepare well for interviews. Definition: Functional Location in SAP…

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Beginner’s Guide to learn maintenance notification in SAP PM

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 5,582 Total views Maintenance Notification in SAP PM: This is a beginner’s guide to learn maintenance notification in SAP PM Module. Notification is very important element of PM module, therefore read this article carefully and give your comments. Maintenance notification processing is asked very frequently in interviews.  Definition and Application Maintenance…

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