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SAP PM business processes

10 Business Processes in SAP PM

Overview Business processes in SAP PM ensures maintenance tasks are performed in a competent, cost-effective, consistent, and safe manner. Maintenance tasks may be preventive, predictive, or include nondestructive inspections in order to categorize or monitor flaws. RCM is one component of an inclusive end to end asset management program. For…

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Catalog in sap pm

Catalog in SAP PM

Catalog in SAP PM Catalog is master data in sap pm module. It is used in various business process to capture information related to maintenance history in the form of codes. We can store catalog codes and descriptions in a Catalog. While entering the maintenance history we can use these…

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Characteristics in SAP PM

Characteristics in SAP PM   A characteristic in SAP is a cross module application. It is used in PM, MM, PP, SD, QM etc modules. Here we will discuss application of Characteristics in SAP PM.   Business Application: Characteristics are used to represent the specifications of a technical object.  …

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Construction type in SAP PM

Construction type in SAP PM   It can be asked in SAP PM Interview questions. Construction type in SAP PM has a very interesting an important role to play. Many times while doing maintenance activities maintenance technician needs material for general usage like Cotton waste, lubricant, brush, ambree paper, PVC…

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Class in SAP PM

Application of Class in SAP PM. It is frequently asked in SAP PM Interview questions and answers. Class in SAP PM   Definition and Explanation: Class in SAP PM to capture specifications of technical objects. For ex: There are thousands of motors in plant area, every motor has specifications like…

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Central Planning

Types of Maintenance Planning

What are different Types of Maintenance Plannings? There are basically three Types of Maintenance planning:   Centralized Planning   Localized Planning   Partially Centralized Planning       Centralized Planning: Suppose an organization has a number of plants All the plants have the similar product. Also all the plants are…

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Counters in SAP PM

Counters in SAP PM   Definition: Tools that you use to represent the wear and tear of an object, consumption, or the reduction of   an object’s useful life are described as counters in SAP.   For example: The milometer for a vehicle, or an electricity meter for an electric-powered…

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Functional Location in SAP PM

Functional Location in SAP PM I am writing this blog post to explain all important fields in functional location in sap pm screen. I have also given consulting tips and examples to help readers to understand the concept and prepare well for interviews. Definition: Functional Location in SAP PM is…

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Concept of Catalog Profile in SAP PM

Concept of Catalog Profile in SAP PM I am writing this blog to explain the concept of Catalog Profile in SAP PM. I faced questions on Catalog profile many times in interviews. This concept is simple and every SAP PM Consultant must know it. Definition: A combination of code groups from…

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