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How to find equipment with same ratings in SAP

How to find equipment or functional location with similar ratings:   You may come across situations when there is a serious breakdown in plant area pertaining to a very critical technical object. In such situation either you can replace the technical object or send it to a vendor for repairing. If technical object is available in warehouse then problem can be resolved easily. However, if it is sent to vendor for repairing then it may…

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Class in SAP PM

Application of Class in SAP PM. It is frequently asked in SAP PM Interview questions and answers. Class in SAP PM   Definition and Explanation: Class in SAP PM to capture specifications of technical objects. For ex: There are thousands of motors in plant area, every motor has specifications like Voltage, current, power etc. now here we can see that specifications are same, only values are different. Therefore, we will use Class and characteristics in…

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