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How to find equipment with same ratings in SAP

How to find equipment or functional location with similar ratings:   You may come across situations when there is a serious breakdown in plant area pertaining to a very critical technical object. In such situation either you can replace the technical object or send it to a vendor for repairing. If technical object is available in warehouse then problem can be resolved easily. However, if it is sent to vendor for repairing then it may…

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Characteristics in SAP PM

Characteristics in SAP PM   A characteristic in SAP is a cross module application. It is used in PM, MM, PP, SD, QM etc modules. Here we will discuss application of Characteristics in SAP PM.   Business Application: Characteristics are used to represent the specifications of a technical object.   For ex: Power of a motor, voltage of a transformer etc.   Characteristics in SAP PM are widely used with Class. Once created, it is…

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