Top 100 SAP SD Interview Questions

Most Logical SAP SD Interview Questions

Here is the list of Top 100 SAP SD interview questions. If you want to impress your interviewer with your SAP consulting skills then you are reading the right web page. Answering a question is not a big deal but answer like a consultant is a different affair. My list of top 100 SAP SD questions will enhance your logical reasoning in SAP SD module.

Here you go:-

Q 1. What is the purpose of Sales Area in SAP SD module? What will happen if you do not have Sales Area in SAP?

A. Sales Area is a combination of Sales organization, Distribution Channel and Division. It indicates the distribution channel used by Sales organization to sell products from a division.

Therefore, SAP SD has Sales Area a mandatory field for every sales transaction so that we can track the sales activities. All Sales Reports are based on Sales Area because Management should know which Sales Area is not performing well and find the root cause of declining Sales. The management can take action accordingly.

If we do not have this field in SAP then we do not have any way to track which product is doing well in through which distribution channel.

For ex: A smart phone is very good product but its sales is good through online distribution channel but it is not doing well in Retail Outlets. On the other hand a normal cell phone is doing well through Retails outlets but not doing well through online shopping websites. So the management can check the reports based on sales area and define strategy to increase sale of smartphone through retail outlet by some offer and increase the sale of normal cell phone through online websites by some discount.

If we do not have Sales Area then we cannot have such brilliant reports to initiate root cause analysis and define future strategy.

Q 2. What is purpose of Sales organization in SD Module? How will you give consultation to client on Sales Organization?

A. Purpose of Sales organization is to define an organization unit which groups and structures the company according to sales requirements. Sales organization is responsible for sale of every product and it also takes care of customer’s rights.
Therefore SAP SD is designed in such a way that all SD transactions such as Sales order, Delivery, billing documents have Sales organization a mandatory field. All SD related transactions are posted under the umbrella of Sales organization.

 [success] Consulting Tip

As a consultant you should recommend your client to create only one Sales organization for one company code otherwise it will be a headache to extend every material to both Sales organization whether required or not.[/success]

Q 3. Suppose an Organization sells Products as well as Services. At which level in SD organization structure you will map the product and services so that you can run the business smoothly and get good reporting?


Q 4. What is purpose of Distribution Channel? What is the business benefit of defining a Distribution Channel? What kind of business decision an organization can make with this organization element?


Q 5. What is NACE t code? What is its utility in SAP SD?

Q 6. What is the purpose of marketing tab in customer master in SD?

 A. Purpose of marketing tab in customer master is to capture following details such as:

Customer Classification: We can classify the customers according to their purchase habits. For ex: Bulk purchase. We can also define different slabs according to purchase value based on past history

Industry: We can add the customer’s industry type according its business activity. You can define industry in SPRO such as trading, banking, health care etc.

Legal Status: here we have to maintain the legal status such as Incorporation, Limited, PSU or Pvt Ltg etc

Nielsen ID: ACNielsen is the world’s leading marketing information company. Offering market research and services. By allocating a Nielsen division, we can use the services of the Nielsen Institute to create a market analysis of our customers.

All above fields under marketing tab are used for internal reporting and tracking. 

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