Top 100 SAP PM Interview questions and answers

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Top 100 SAP PM Interview questions and answers:

Here is the list of Top 100 brilliant SAP PM interview questions and answers. These are mostly asked in SAP PM interview questions. We have provided SAP PM questions answers and explanations for experienced professionals. Please add this web page in your favorites. 

Ques 1. What is the master data in SAP PM?

Answer. Please read full article on Master Data in SAP PM Module. [Read full answer]

Ques 2. Is maintenance plan a master data?

Answer. No, Maintenance Plan is not a master data. This is a point of confusion among many consultants who think that Maintenance plan is master data. Maintenance plan is a transaction data and it is part of preventive maintenance process.

Ques 3. What is purpose of Technical ID field in equipment master data?

Answer. Technical id field should have the technical id of equipment according to engineering drawing. For example: There is an equipment 10002745, now operations and maintenance department can not find out this id in engineering drawing. Therefore, therefore, there should be some field in master data where we can maintain technical id.

Ques 4. What is purpose of construction type in equipment master?

Answer. Please read my article on construction type. [Read full answer].

Ques 5. Is it possible to change the equipment category once created?

Answer. Yes, it is possible to change the equipment category of an equipment. Please go to t code IE02, then go to top menu bar and click on Edit and then click on Change category (as shown in below screen shot). [Read full answer]Equipment Category

Ques 6. Where does cost of CAPEX order settled?

Answer. CAPEX orders are settled on WBS elements.

Ques 7. What is t code to create a catalog code and code group?

Answer. QS41

Ques 8. Can you use call horizon and shift factors in multiple counter plan?

Answer. No, there is no such option. Call horizon and shift factors are assigned in Single Cycle Plan and Maintenance strategy plan not in Multiple Counter plan.

Ques 9. What are class and characteristics? What are their use?

Answer. Please read below three articles for details

Class (Read full article)

Characteristics (Read full article)

Use of Class and Characteristics (Read full article)

Ques 10. What is object information key in SAP PM?

Answer. Object information key is a special information window which pops up while creating maintenance notification. It contains a brief historical information about the technical object. [Read full answer]

Ques 11. You tried to install an equipment on a functional location but system gives you an error. What could be the possible reason?

Answer. There are four important settings which must be check before installing an equipment. Although the error messages are self explanatory, but we can check few settings in SPRO and master data. [Read full answer]

Ques 12.Which task lists are object based?

Answer. Equipment task List and Functional Location task Lists are object based because they are created with reference to a technical object.

Ques 13. Which order type you use for refurbishment?

Answer. As per standard SAP settings PM04 is used for refurbishment order.

Ques 14. Is it a rule that you will use PM04 order type for refurbishment? Can you configure another order type for refurbishment?

Answer. There is no rule as such. You can configure any order type for refurbishment. There is a configuration setting in SPRO. Please check below path in SPRO.

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service ⇒ Maintenance and Service Processing ⇒ Maintenance and Service Orders ⇒ Functions and Settings for Order Types ⇒ Indicate Order Type for Refurbishment Processing
Plant Maintenance and Customer Service ⇒ Maintenance and Service Processing ⇒ Maintenance and Service Orders ⇒ Functions and Settings for Order Types ⇒ Indicate Order Type for Refurbishment Processing

Refurbishment Order indicator
Refurbishment Order indicator

Once this indicator is set for any order type, the order will be created with reference to material (not equipment).

Ques 15. What is catalog in SAP PM?

Answer. [Read full answer]

Ques 16. What is catalog profile?

Answer. [Read full answer]

Ques 17. Which t code is used to do usage decision on inspection lot triggered by calibration order?

Answer. QA32

Ques 18. Which Work Center Category is used for plant maintenance work center?

Answer. It is “0005”.

Ques 19. Which t code is used to create refurbishment process?

Answer. IW31 and IW81. This questions can be asked and interviewer expects you to answer both t codes.

Ques 20. Which equipment category is used to represent Laboratory equipment?

Answer. Equipment Category ‘Q‘.

Ques 21. Where do you assign activity type in master data?

Answer. We assign Activity type in Main Work Center. From main work center it automatically copy to maintenance order.

Ques 22. What is t code for deadline monitoring? 

Answer. IP30

Ques 23. Is it possible to schedule an individual plan? What is the t code? 

Answer. Yes, it is possible to schedule an individual plan. You can use t code IP10 to do so.

Ques 24. Which movement type is used to post goods movement against reservation triggered from maintenance order? Is it possible to change it?

Answer. Movement type 261 is used to post goods against reservation triggered from maintenance order. Yes, it is possible to create a custom movement but it is not recommended to do that.

Ques 25. What is the t code to create Activity type? Who create activity type?

Answer. KP26 is the t code to create Activity type. Generally CO consultant creates the activity type. However, plant maintenance consultant should also know the process to create the activity type.

Ques 26. What is the criteria to change the equipment category?

Answer. There are four important criteria to change equipment category. First one is that both categories must have same reference category type…… [Read full answer]

Ques 27. Which material type is used for maintenance spare parts?

Answer. For spare parts (Stockable) material type is ERSA and for non stock items material type is NLAG. 

Ques 28. Why Manufacturer field is important in equipment master and functional location master?

Answer. “Manufacturer” is used in reports such as MCI2, IE05, IH06. By using these reports we can analyze which Manufacturer machinery is undergoing maintenance most. We can also analyze which Manufacturer machinery is taking maximum efforts and cost of maintenance. Therefore, business can take important decisions while making future purchase of plant machinery from that manufacturer.

For better reporting we should maintain a value in this field in equipment master.

Ques 29. Which configuration setting allow a Calibration order to trigger an inspection lot from maintenance order?

Answer. Please follow below configuration path in SPRO:

 Plant Maintenance and Customer Services ⇒ Maintenance and Service Processing ⇒ Maintenance and Service Orders ⇒ Functions and Settings for Order Types ⇒ Assign Inspection Types to Maintenance/ Service Order Types

Please below screen shot from configuration SPRO:

Inspection type Set up in Calibration Order

If this configuration is not maintained then you cannot trigger inspection lot from a Calibration Order. In general we use order PM06 as Calibration Order.

Ques 30. What are various possible settlement receivers in a maintenance order?

Answer. For the Maintenance there are number of settlement (or cost) receivers but only few are relevant in practical scenario.

Here is the list of relevant settlement receivers:

a. Cost Center

b. WBS Element

c. Material

d. Order

e. Fixed Asset

If you want to see the complete list of settlement receivers then go to below path in configuration (SPRO):

Plant Maintenance and Customer Services ⇒ Maintenance and Service Processing ⇒ Basic Settings ⇒ General Order Settlement ⇒ Maintain Settlement Profiles

Select Settlement Profile “40” to see the complete list.

Ques 31. What are difference type of planning are used in SAP PM Module?

Answer. There are three types of maintenance planning possible… [Read More] 

Ques 32. How many ways you can create a maintenance order in SAP?

Answer. There are 6 ways to create a maintenance order in SAP PM Module

  • T code IW31: You can create a maintenance order using t code IW31. This is to most common method to create a maintenance order
  • From Maintenance Notification: You can create a maintenance order through a notification. There is a separate button provide with white sheet. Please refer below screenshot:

    Maintenance order thru notification
    Maintenance order thru notification
  • T code IW34: You can create maintenance order with reference to a notification using t code IW34. I request you to run this t codes in SAP and check out the initial screen. Generally end user does not use this but for interview purpose you should know it.
  • T code IW81: You can create refurbishment order using this t code. No other order can be created using this t code.
  • Scheduling of Maintenance Plan: When you schedule a maintenance using IP10 or IP30 t code system triggers a maintenance order as per the schedule. Here maintenance order is triggered automatically.
  • T code IW28: IW28 displays list of notifications in change mode. At the top application tool bar there is an option to create maintenance order. You will have to select the notification and click on create order white sheet. This will redirect you to t code IW34 screen. Try this.

Ques 33. Suppose I have two counters in a multiple counter plan. One is 1000 kms and another is 2000 running hours. If I want to trigger a maintenance order when both criteria are full fill or if any one of the criteria full fills. Do I need to make an enhancement in system or there is an SAP standard setting to achieve this?

Answer. There is an standard facility in Multiple counter plan where we can assign two counters and put the condition whether we want both conditions to satisfy or any one condition to satisfy to trigger the maintenance order. To check this facility you have to run t code IP43. Then enter desired information and go to tab “Maintenance Plan Scheduling Parameters“. Under this tab there is a box with title “Operation Type“, here we have two radio buttons AND’ & ‘OR’. Please refer below screenshot:

Operation type AND & OR
Operation type AND & OR
  •  If we select radio button ‘OR‘, it means that any of the counters cross the threshold value the maintenance order will trigger from Multiple Counter plan.
  • If we select radio button ‘AND‘, it means that both counters must cross the threshold value to trigger the  maintenance order

Please note that above concept is applicable to only Multiple Counter Plans.

Q34. Why cost center field is important in equipment master?

Answer. Cost Center field is important in equipment master because at the time of creating the maintenance order with reference to equipment it automatically copies to the maintenance order “Location” tab under account assignment sub-screen and then it automatically populated in the settlement profile depending upon the SPRO settings in settlement profile. It is important for Breakdown, Corrective, Preventive, Calibration and predictive Maintenance because in these processes the maintenance cost is settled on cost center.

Q35. What is purpose of maintenance activity type in maintenance order?

Answer. Purpose of maintenance activity type is to further classify(or categorize) the maintenance process according to type of maintenance business. For ex: Cleaning, Lubrication, Pre Shutdown activities, Inspection,Repairing, Rework, Shutdown etc.

Key features:

a. It is placed at the header of maintenance order. It is a 3 Character key. It is recommended to use numbers here so that you can start from 000 to 999.

b. In configuration we can define it and assigned to maintenance order types so that only relevant Maintenance Activity type appears on the maintenance order screen.

c. It is used in various standard reports to track and analyze maintenance incidents and cost based on Maint. Activity Type. For ex: IW38/39, MCI8. In these reports we can analyzed in preventive maintenance how much budget is utilized in “Repairing”, how much in “Inspection” in a certain period of time.

Configuration of Maintenance Activity Type:

Plant Maintenance ⇒ Maintenance and Service Processing ⇒ Maintenance and Service Orders ⇒ Functions and Settings for Order Types ⇒ Maintenance Activity Type ⇒ Define Maintenance Activity Type

Plant Maintenance ⇒ Maintenance and Service Processing ⇒ Maintenance and Service Orders ⇒ Functions and Settings for Order Types ⇒ Maintenance Activity Type ⇒ Assign valid Maintenance Activity Types to Maintenance Orders

Plant Maintenance ⇒ Maintenance and Service Processing ⇒ Maintenance and Service Orders ⇒ Functions and Settings for Order Types ⇒ Maintenance Activity Type ⇒ Default values for Maintenance Activity Type for each Order Types

Q36. Why does settlement of a maintenance order is important?

Answer. Settlement of a maintenance order is important because if we will not settle the cost on a valid receiver such as cost center, internal order, WBS element etc then cost will remain on the maintenance order and not reflect in management reporting. Management reporting is important for profitability analysis.

Q37. What is structure indicator?

Answer. Structure indicator specifies the general structure of functional location label. It contains edit mask which decides the format or syntax of label and hierarchy levels.

Structure Indicator helps business to define their plant and machinery in a structured manner. For example: At the top level we can have plant, then Area, sub-area, section and so on.




NN – ANN – ANN – XXX [Edit Mask]

01 ⇒ Plant

01 – A01 ⇒ Area

01 – A01 – B01 ⇒ SubArea

01 – A01 – B01 – ABC ⇒ Section

By defining Structure Indicator in above manner we can ensure that we get some good reports at each level such as how many breakdown incidents have occurred in a certain location or level. In which area cost of maintenance is very high.

Q38. What is Edit mask?

Answer. Edit Mask is a part of structure indicator. It defines the format of functional location label. Edit Mask decides the type of characters allowed in functional location label.

For ex:

A ⇒ Alphabet

N ⇒ Number

X ⇒ Alphanumeric

S ⇒ Special Characters

Edit Mask ⇒ NN – ANN – ANN – XXX

Q39. What is difference between system status and user status?


  1. System status is an Standard SAP element which set internally by SAP when we post certain transaction in SAP. However, user status is a configurable element which can be configure in SPRO to make certain transaction more informative and systematic.
  2. User status can control certain business transactions allowed by system status. For ex: We can Stop the system status notification completion (NOCO) unless a user status (PRCN – Production Confirmation) is not set.
  3. We assign all user status to a status profile and assign that status profile to  notification type or order type or equipment category etc. This gives a flexibility to use different user status with different notification types but we do not have such flexibility with system status.

Important Concepts on Use Status

  • We can set more then one user status at a time if we do not put a number with it in SPRO.
  • We can assign an authorization key to each user status and link this key with the user id so that only authorized person with authorized key can set that particular user status.
  • We can assign user status to following object types in PM module: Equipment, functional location, maintenance notification, maintenance order, maintenance plan, tasks in notification, PM operations. 

Q. 40 Is it possible to assign a user status to the operation and sub operation of a maintenance order?

Answer. It is possible to assign user status to the operation of a maintenance order but not to sub-operation.

  1. We have cost center in Main Work Center as well as in equipment master? What is the purpose of maintaining cost center at both places?
  2. What is concept of equipment numbering?
  3. Why do you need an equipment and functional location both?
  4. Is it possible to change the structure indicator of functional location?
  5. What is the business purpose of field authorization object in equipment master and functional location master?
  6. How equipment master is integrated with asset master in FI module?
  7. What is the purpose of user status in notification? As a consultant what do you recommend to your client on the use of this facility?
  8. What is refurbishment process?
  9. Which configuration setting allow a Calibration order to trigger an inspection lot from maintenance order?
  10. How breakdown maintenance and corrective maintenance are different from each other?
  11. How a general task list is different from equipment and functional location?
  12. Is it possible to install an equipment to a functional location without data transfer from function Location to equipment?
  13. What is difference between activity type and maintenance activity type?
  14. What is difference between single cycle plant and maintenance strategy plan?
  15. What is maintenance plan? Name all types of maintenance plans.
  16. What are scheduling parameters?
  17. What is call horizon? Explain with example.
  18. What is shift factor? Explain with example.
  19. How maintenance strategy plan is different from multiple counter plan.
  20. If I want to trigger a maintenance order from a maintenance plan on every 7th day of a month, then what settings will I do in the maintenance plan other than a maintenance cycle of 1 month.
  21. I have scheduled a maintenance plan but I am unable to see the all due (Plan) dates of maintenance order in schedule overview. Which setting will I check in maintenance plan?
  22. Which t code can give you the list of all pending preventive maintenance order for the coming month?
  23. Is it possible to trigger a notification from maintenance plan? How?
  24. What is purpose of offset entry in single cycle maintenance plan?
  25. Is it possible to create and schedule a maintenance plan without task list?
  26. What is maintenance item?
  27. Can we assign more than one maintenance item to a maintenance plan?
  28. Can we assign one maintenance item to more than one maintenance plan?
  29. What is item category?
  30. What is control key?
  31. Explain use of each control key with example.
  32. A reservation is triggered from a maintenance order and user is trying to issue material from warehouse with reference to the reservation. But system is not allowing goods issue? What I need to check?
  33. Which goods movement is used to issue material with reference to a reservation triggered from a maintenance order?
  34. How can you get the maintenance cost separately for labor, external services and material in a maintenance order?
  35. Explain the refurbishment process?
  36. What is settlement profile?
  37. What action will you take if inspection lot is not generated from calibration order? Which setting will you check?
  38. What configuration required in MM module for refurbishment process?
  39. What if maintenance failed refurbish a material, how will you handle such situation in SAP?
  40. Is it possible to enable permit approval in maintenance order? How?
  41. What is value category?
  42. What are different reports related to Catalog in SAP PM?
  43. On the notification initial screen we select the notification type using IW21 t code. Is there any t code using which we can skip the initial screen and directly open the notification main screen?
  44. What is business purpose of equipment BoM?
  45. What is purpose of serial numbers in SAP PM Module?
  46. In which business process you can use serial numbers?
  47. Is it possible to enter measurement document for a measuring point without any numeric value? Such as Yes/ No or OK/ Not OK. How?
  48. What is completion confirmation?
  49. Why completion confirmation is important for business?
  50. What is deadline monitoring?
  51. How does actual cost of maintenance come on maintenance order?
  52. What are MTTR and MTBR reports?
  53. Is it possible to assign user status to a sub-operation in maintenance order?
  54. What is purpose of sub-order? What is the t code to create a sub-order?
  55. How PM module is integrated with QM module?
  56. How PM module is integrated with MM module?
  57. How PM module is integrated with PS module?
  58. How PM module is integrated with FI module?
  59. How PM module is integrated with CO module?
  60. How PM module is integrated with EHS module?
  61. Suppose there is a measuring point for temperature and while recording the values of temperature there is a deviation of values from given limits? Is it possible to throw a warning or error message? What is the configuration setting available?
  62. How will you make a field mandatory in maintenance notification for a certain notification type?
  63. Which price of material is fetched while calculating material price in planned and actual cost in maintenance order?
  64. What is service entry sheet? Why it is important for plant maintenance module?
  65. What is reference functional location?
  66. Suppose there is a difference between the planned and actual hours of internal manpower where will you document the reason/ cause of this variance. Is there any standard SAP facility available to address such situation.

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