Organization Structure in SAP Plant Maintenance

Organization Structure in SAP Plant Maintenance:


Maintenance Plant: Maintenance Plant is an organization element in Plant Maintenance where all the technical objects (Equipment, Functional Location) are physically installed. Whenever, SAP MM Consultant creates a Plant in Enterprise Structure (How to create a Plant in Enterprise Structure?), system automatically creates a logical Maintenance Plant in PM Module.


It is a 4 digit alphanumeric key.

Planning Plant: Planning Plant is the place in organization where all the maintenance planning activities takes place. It is created in Enterprise structure in SPRO (How to create a Planning Plant?).   Planning Plant is assigned to Maintenance plant (How to assign Planning Plant to Maintenance Plant?), depending upon the type of maintenance planning (What are different types of Maintenance Planning ?).


It is a 4 digit alphanumeric key.


Planner Group: Planner Group is basically the group of employees who carry out the complete maintenance planning. They work at the Planning Plant because Planning Plant is the place where complete maintenance planning is carried out. In a nut shell, Planner group carry out planning at Planning Plant. Therefore Planner Group is always created with respect to Planning Plant (How to create a Planner Group?).


It is a 3 digit alphanumeric key.


Consulting Tip: From consulting point of view it recommended to have planner groups like ELE-Electrical, MEC-Mechanical, CVL-Civil, INT-Instrumentation etc. You may also recommend for 001, 002…. in such case you may go up to 999.


Main Work Center: Main Work Center is the group is machines or person or labor who are actually execute the maintenance work in field. It is created with reference to Plant (How to create Main Work Center?).


It is a 8 digit alphanumeric key.


Consulting Tip: Naming of Main Work Center is important. It is recommended to have it like MECWRK01 -Mechanical Workshop, in such cases you may take the numbers up to 99… MECHWRK02…. MECHWRK99.


Always give your consultation in such a way that there is always a scope of extension and improvement.

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