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Multiple Code Groups in Catalog Profile

Once again I am writing an article on Catalog and Catalog profile. Reason I am writing this article is the query raised by one of the visitor named Tony. Tony raised a very logical query after reading my articles Catalog in SAP PM and Concept of Catalog profile. I am writing this article to address his query. You can read his query in the comment section of Catalog in SAP PM article. Query is about Multiple Code Groups in Catalog Profile.

Here is the query:

Q. How can we add more than one Code Group with respect to a Catalog(such as Cause, Object Part, Damage) in Catalog profile ?

Answer. First go to Catalog profile. You can refer my article on Concept of Catalog profile to reach the Catalog profile node in SPRO. Once you are there, select the desired profile and go to catalogs. In the catalog screen, there is a option of entering code group in front of each catalog. You can enter one code group in front of each catalog. However, if you want to enter more than one catalog in front of a certain catalog then enter that catalog once again. Pleas refer the below screenshot from SPRO.

Multiple Catalog1

Afterwards, assign the Catalog profile to the Equipment Master Data and create a notification with respect to that equipment. In the notification you will get the desired two code groups.

I hope this answers the query. It is a small article but useful.

If you want to add more information then put a comments at the bottom of this article. I will add the information in the article.

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  • Rajasekhar Yadav S May 2, 2021

    Awesome Sir

  • Anand January 1, 2019

    Excellent explanation on each each topic of SAP PM in this Site.
    Thank You

  • Prasad August 17, 2018

    i have created Cause Code group & cause code in catalog- “5”
    i am selecting this code in IW21 while creating notification,but it is not reflecting IW28 & IW38 .

    What will be th epossible reason for this?

  • Kirk Segraves June 25, 2018

    Is it possible to create a succinct list of cause codes specific or related to a specific damage code which is specific or related to a certain object part instead of the standard long list of codes to pick from in each category (obj part, damage, cause, activity).

    For example, my catalog profile is Motor>object part is Bearing>damage is Seized Bearing>specific causes could be only Loss of Lubrication or Misalignment (in lieu of a long list of potential causes)>specific activities would be Replaced. If I picked a different damage code, it would have a specific list of causes associated with it that makes sense. So forth and so on.

    So again, I have codes that logically relate and the result of the limited selection encourages a better user experience as well as quality data to analyze.

  • M.Viswanathan April 10, 2018

    Thanks a lot for such a neat explanation.

  • venkatesh December 9, 2015

    thanking you so much sir

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