How to find equipment with same ratings in SAP

How to find equipment or functional location with similar ratings:


You may come across situations when there is a serious breakdown in plant area pertaining to a very critical technical object. In such situation either you can replace the technical object or send it to a vendor for repairing. If technical object is available in warehouse then problem can be resolved easily. However, if it is sent to vendor for repairing then it may take 1 week or more to repair. If technical object is critical from production point of view then this will be a loss to organization.


In such cases it is generally expected to replace that technical object with a non-critical equipment in plant area.


To map such business scenario follow below steps:



Step 1: First create a class for similar equipment.


For ex: For all motors, we can create a class MOTORS. For all pumps we can create a class PUMPS.



Step 2: Also create the respective characteristics. Each characteristic represent the technical specification of techinical object.


For ex: Power Output (KW), Voltage (Volt), Current (Ampere) etc.



Step 3: Assign the class with the equipment in t codes IE01 or IE02 t code, There is a button at the top of main screen, where you can assign the class to equipment.



Step 4: Once class is assigned all the characteristics are available to maintain the values.



Step 5: Use t code CL24N or CL20N to maintain the values of characteristics.


For ex: Power Output: 40 KW, Voltage: 440 V, Current: 32 Amperes



Step 6: Now maintain these values for all technical objects in that class.



Step 7: To find out similar equipments run t code CL30N.



Step 8: CL30N is a very good transaction. Click on Find in Class button. Enter the class.



Step 9: Afterwards enter the value of characteristics which you are looking for.


For ex: Enter power output = 40 KW, Voltage: 440 V and Current = 32 Amperes etc



Step 10: Click on find and you will get the list of all equipment with similar ratings.



Step 11: Now check each equipment for its criticality and finally select a non-critical equipment.



Step 12: Uninstall the equipment from the functional location and install it on the new functional location.


This is how you can map the business scenario and utilize the objects Class and Characteristics in SAP PM Module.


This is major application of class and characteristics in SAP PM Module.

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