How to change equipment category in SAP PM – 5 Simple Steps

How to change equipment category in SAP PM

Equipment category change1This questions can be asked in interviews. If you have not worked in support project or if you have not come across such situations where you have to change equipment category in SAP PM, then its difficult to answer this question. In support project you will get incidents (tickets) where client will ask to change equipment category in sap pm module. If you have actually done this activity then only you can answer this question. Read this article to know the step by step procedure.

I have included this question in my article “Top 100 SAP PM Interview question” also.

Let us learn the procedure to change the equipment category:

Step by Step procedure

Step 1: Run t code IE02 and enter the equipment number as shown in the figure and press enter button.

T code IE02
Step 1: T code IE02

Step 2: Main screen of equipment will appear. Here go to top menu bar and go to Edit >> Change in Equipment Category


Change Equipment Category menu path
Step 2: Change Equipment Category menu path

Step 3: A new pop up screen will populate. Here you will have to enter the new equipment category (target equipment category) and press REFRESH button

Equipment Category change criteria
Step 3: Equipment Category change criteria

Step 4: This screen clearly shows the criteria to change equipment category. This is a very important SAP PM Interview question.

[success]Criteria to change Equipment Category in SAP PM:

      Both Equipment categories must have:

  1. Same Reference Category Type
  2. Status profile
  3. Same object Information Key
  4. Same view profile [/success]
Equipment Category change criteria
Step 4: Equipment Category change criteria


[info]If all above mentioned criteria full fills then only we can change the equipment category. If any criteria does not match and you still want to change the category then you will have to make necessary changes in SPRO to meet the above criteria[/info].

Step 5: Once the criteria matches the equipment category will be changed.

Step 5: Equipment category changed
Step 5: Equipment category changed

This is how equipment category is changed in sap pm in 5 simple steps.

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