SAP MM Business Processes

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Business Processes in SAP MM :

1. Request for Quotation
2. Purchase with reference to cost center
3. Sub-contracting
4. Consignment
5. Pipeline purchase
6. Consumption based planning (MRP)
7. Purchase against sales order
8. Third Party Purchase
9. Asset purchase
10. External Service Management
11. Stock Transport Order
12. Order acknowledgement
13. Advance shipping notification
14. Vendor Evaluation
15. Release Strategy

Inventory Management
1. Goods Receipt
2. Goods Issue
3. Scrap process
4. Physical Inventory process
5. Transfer Posting
6. Quality Inspection
7. Reservation

Invoice Verification
1. Invoice Verification Process
2. Document Parking
3. Taxes
4. Variance
5. Blocking and release invoice
6. Subsequent Debit/ Credit
7. Credit Memos
8. ERS

Other Process
1. Batch Management
2. Valuation & Account assignment


Author: Vaibhav

Vaibhav is an engineer by schooling and an SAP Consultant by training with 12 years of experience. He is certified in SAP PM and SAP MM. His expertise includes SAP PM, SAP MM, SAP QM, and MS excel. His industry specialties are Chemical, Automobile, Electronics and Infrastructure. He has lots of experience in SAP Training and Consulting.

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