Master Data in SAP EHS

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Master Data in SAP EHS:

1. Specification Management – Substance, Agent, Waste codes, DG Class.

2. Class

3. Charactersictics

4. Phrases

5. Work Area


Master Data for Waste Management Process:

1. Waste Generator

2. Waste Transporter

3. Waste Disposer

4. Waste Authority

5. Waste (Material)

6. Waste (Specification of type REAL_SUB)

7. Waste (Specification of type WASTECODE)


Master Data for Industrial Hygiene & Safety process:

1. Work area

2. Pattern

3. Phrases – to be assigned in Work area, incident accident log etc

4. Class – Characteristics – to be attached to value assignment types, (to add new tabs in incident accident log, to add new fields in work area)

5. Agent

6. Business partners (ur another query)

7. Accident location

8. Phrases – for body parts

9. Phrases – for accident related more info

10. HR master data


Master Data in Occupational health:

1. Physical test

2. Laboratory test

3. Examination

4. Health Surveillance Protocol

5. Business Partners

6. Pharases for entering more data on injury illness log

7. HR master data


Author: Vaibhav

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