Innovative use of AutoCorrect option in MS Excel

Innovative use of AutoCorrect option in MS Excel

You must be wondering after reading the headline of this post. You must be thinking, How does autocorrect option in MS excel could be helpful to an SAP Consultant. In general, autocorrect function in MS excel is used to correct typos and misspelled words. It is also used to insert symbols and other piece of text.

For example if you type a word “accross”, then autocorrect function will automatically correct it to “across”.

But the question will remain same, where to use autocorrect function while working in SAP?

How this function can improve our efficiency and accelerate our work?

I know that you are thinking to close this web page….


Here is the innovation…

While working on SAP, we come across various SAP tables. It is not necessary that we remember name of each table. Although we can remember table name of our own module but SAP is an integrated system and knowledge of other modules tables is necessary.

Now in the autocorrect option you have a facility to replace a key word by the possible correct word. Please see below screen shot for understanding.

Go to this path in MS excel file:

Click on File button >> Options >> Proofing >> AutoCorrect options

AutoCorrect option in MS excel

Here you can see that a wrong word is replaced by correct one.

Now you can put here “Vendor Confirmation” in “Replace” box and SAP Table name in “with” EKES. Please see below screen shot.


Now if you will type Vendor Confirmation in any MS excel cell, system will automatically bring you the table name in output. See below screen shot:


Here is the result

AutoCorrect Result

Like this you can maintain important 20-30 important tables in autocorrect option and recall them whenever required, simply by typing the description of table .

No need to Google such things

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    Hi Vaibhav,
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