CLEAN function in MS Excel to remove non-printable characters from SAP Master Data

Here I am discussing another MS excel function which is frequently used in master data cleansing. In my earlier post you have learnt TRIM function and LEN function in MS excel. This time I am discussing CLEAN function in MS excel. This function helps an SAP consultant while handling master data and cut-over data. When we get data master data or legacy data from core team members, sometimes we get line breaks, special characters or non-printable characters in excel sheet provided by them and we want to remove the line breaks and special (non-printable) characters from that text or string. We want only printable logical information in excel sheet. In such situations we can make use of CLEAN function in MS excel.

Let us understand and learn CLEAN function in MS excel:

CLEAN function in MS excel is used to remove all non-printable characters from text. You can use CLEAN on text imported from other applications that contains characters that may not upload in SAP or take extra space after uploading. As you know that is length limitation in many fields in SAP.


CLEAN (Text)

Text: Text field is the only input field and also a mandatory field

Please refer below screen shot to understand the application of CLEAN function in MS excel.

Clean Function in MS excel


  • AJIT SAMBHUS February 7, 2017

    Very Useful Tip & is often required for text alignments

  • Mandhir Singh November 26, 2015

    It is really good and helpful. Thank you for the post .

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