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Business Processes in SAP PM

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 516 Total views Business Processes in SAP PM Module: 1. Breakdown Maintenance 2. Corrective Maintenance 3. Preventive Maintenance 4. Predictive Maintenance 5. Refurbishment Process 6. Calibration Process 7. Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

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Master Data in SAP PM

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 1,376 Total views Master Data in SAP PM Module : 1. Equipment 2. Functional Location 3. Class 4. Characteristics 5. Task List – Equipment Task List, Functional Location Task List, General Task List 6. Catalog 7. Construction Type (Material BoM) 8. Equipment Bill of Material 9. Functional Location Bill of material…

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Organization Structure in SAP Plant Maintenance

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 541 Total views Organization Structure in SAP Plant Maintenance:   Maintenance Plant: Maintenance Plant is an organization element in Plant Maintenance where all the technical objects (Equipment, Functional Location) are physically installed. Whenever, SAP MM Consultant creates a Plant in Enterprise Structure (How to create a Plant in Enterprise Structure?), system…

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How to find equipment with same ratings in SAP

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 485 Total views How to find equipment or functional location with similar ratings:   You may come across situations when there is a serious breakdown in plant area pertaining to a very critical technical object. In such situation either you can replace the technical object or send it to a vendor…

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Equipment Bill of Material

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 536 Total views   Definition: Equipment Bill of material in SAP PM Module is a part of Master Data in SAP PM Module. It is used to capture the information about the spare parts of a particular technical object (Equipment). This information is used during maintenance processing which helps the maintenance…

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Central Planning

Types of Maintenance Planning

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 800 Total views What are different Types of Maintenance Plannings? There are basically three Types of Maintenance planning:   Centralized Planning   Localized Planning   Partially Centralized Planning       Centralized Planning: Suppose an organization has a number of plants All the plants have the similar product. Also all the…

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Counters in SAP PM

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 537 Total views Counters in SAP PM   Definition: Tools that you use to represent the wear and tear of an object, consumption, or the reduction of   an object’s useful life are described as counters in SAP.   For example: The milometer for a vehicle, or an electricity meter for…

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Construction type in SAP PM

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 1,164 Total views Construction type in SAP PM   It can be asked in SAP PM Interview questions. Construction type in SAP PM has a very interesting an important role to play. Many times while doing maintenance activities maintenance technician needs material for general usage like Cotton waste, lubricant, brush, ambree…

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Characteristics in SAP PM

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 785 Total views Characteristics in SAP PM   A characteristic in SAP is a cross module application. It is used in PM, MM, PP, SD, QM etc modules. Here we will discuss application of Characteristics in SAP PM.   Business Application: Characteristics are used to represent the specifications of a technical…

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