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goods movement type in sap mm

300+ Movement types in SAP MM

Overview All logistics modules in SAP use movement types. Movement types ensure the tracking the inward and outward movement of goods (or material) and also capture the purpose of that goods movement. It tells us: whether material is moved inside or outside the warehouse purpose of material movement (consumption or…

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Master Data in SAP MM

9 Master Data in SAP MM | Consulting Tips

Master Data in SAP MM Master data in SAP MM is the building block of all the business processes. It not only affects MM processes but also PM, QM, SD, FICO, PS and EHS module business processes. There are 9 master data in SAP MM. SAP MM master data list…

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25+ SAP MM Business Processes

Business Processes in SAP MM : Purchase: Request for Quotation Purchase Requisition processing Raw Material Purchase Pipeline material Purchase Sub-contracting Consignment Consumption based planning (MRP) Third Party Purchase Asset purchase Service Purchase Stock Transport Order Advance shipping note Vendor Evaluation Release Strategy Inventory Management Goods Receipt Goods Issue Scrap process…

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