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VLOOKUP in MS excel [in 4 Steps]

VLOOKUP in MS Excel: VLOOKUP in MS excel is an important time saving function, which is helpful to every SAP Functional Consultant in various ways. Many times functional consultants come across situations where they have to search data in a certain column in ms excel sheet and match the data…

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TRIM function in ms excel

TRIM function in MS Excel

While working in SAP, many times I came across situation where I got a list of material master with more than 50000 records and I had to find out and remove unwanted space at the end or starting of the text. I always used the TRIM function to do that….

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Concatenate in ms excel

Concatenate function in MS Excel

Concatenate Function in MS Excel Concatenate function in MS Excel is an important and simple function, which can be learned easily. It is used to join two or more strings (Text) to make one string. Let us understand the syntax first: text1: It is a mandatory field. Here we can…

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