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Top 50 SAP MM Interview Questions to perform well

Top 50 SAP MM Interview Questions Here is the list of best and most logical SAP MM Interview questions never seen before. These questions will help you to crack SAP MM interviews, improve your performance and efficiency in job and build up a strong knowledge base and repository for future reference. If you GENUINELY like the questions then it would be a HUGE help if you subscribed my website. It might seem insignificant, but it helps…

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SAP MM Business Processes

Business Processes in SAP MM : Purchase: 1. Request for Quotation 2. Purchase with reference to cost center 3. Sub-contracting 4. Consignment 5. Pipeline purchase 6. Consumption based planning (MRP) 7. Purchase against sales order 8. Third Party Purchase 9. Asset purchase 10. External Service Management 11. Stock Transport Order 12. Order acknowledgement 13. Advance shipping notification 14. Vendor Evaluation 15. Release Strategy Inventory Management 1. Goods Receipt 2. Goods Issue 3. Scrap process 4….

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