Business Processes in SAP EHS

Business Processes in SAP EHS : Occupational Health Industrial Hygiene and Safety Hazardous Substance Management Product Safety Dangerous Goods Management Waste Management Substance Volume Tracking Global Label Management Related Posts:Master Data in SAP EHSSAP MM Business ProcessesBusiness Processes in SAP PMQualities of an SAP ConsultantEquipment Bill of MaterialFunctional Location in…

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Master Data in SAP EHS

Master Data in SAP EHS: 1. Specification Management – Substance, Agent, Waste codes, DG Class. 2. Class 3. Charactersictics 4. Phrases 5. Work Area   Master Data for Waste Management Process: 1. Waste Generator 2. Waste Transporter 3. Waste Disposer 4. Waste Authority 5. Waste (Material) 6. Waste (Specification of…

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